How to Enable Blocked USB Ports

We can most often meet with the blockade of USB ports in schools or workplaces and this is due to security reasons. Media connected to the USB port facilitate work, but also pose a serious threat to the data stored on the disk and the systems. It is very easy to download confidential data to them as well as bring a virus.

USB port blocked so how to Enable Blocked USB Ports

In order to block or unblock the USB port, enter or search for: regedit
in the system menu . In this way, we run the Windows registry. After enabling the registry, we expand the following keys one by one:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SYSTEM, CurrentControlSet, Services

find USBSTOR and modify the field: Start

select the hexadecimal option and in the Value data field enter the number 4. Click OK, close the registry and restart the computer.

As you may have noticed, the default value of this field is 3, so what do these numbers mean.
3 – port unlocked
4 – port locked

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