How to install Cockpit on CentOS Linux

Cockpit (RHEL web console) or how to manage the server through the GNU/Linux browser.

What is Cockpit

Cockpit is a free open source server management project by Redhat. The main goal of the project is to offer Linux administrators the ability to quickly and efficiently manage their servers in an easy and fast way. You can handle containers, add multiple servers to one dashboard (dashboard), manage user accounts, configure network settings. It is possible to use the Cockpit on other Linux server distributions as well, such as Debian, Ubuntu, and even Arch Linux servers! In the case of Rocky Linux or AlmaLinux, if we want to install Cockpit, we do exactly the same.

First, we update our system

sudo dnf update -y

CentOS Cockpit

How to install Cockpit

sudo dnf install cockpit

How to enable and run Cockpit on CentOS

sudo systemctl enable cockpit.socket
sudo systemctl start cockpit.socket

How to add Cockpit to the firewall

sudo firewall-cmd --add-service=cockpit --permanent
sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-service=cockpit
sudo firewall-cmd --reload

Rocky Linux Cockpit

Cockpit installed, what next?

To log in in the browser, enter one of the addresses below

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