fd - a simple alternative to the find command

Find is a Linux shell command that displays the contents of file directories and directories. Fd doesn’t take up much space and is a nice tool to know.

How to install fd on Linux

$ sudo apt install fd-find [  Debianie, Ubuntu i Mint  ]
$ sudo yum install fd-find [  RHEL/CentOS/Fedora i Rocky Linux/AlmaLinux  ]
$ sudo emerge -a sys-apps/fd [  Gentoo Linux  ]
$ sudo pacman -S fd [  Arch Linux  ]
$ sudo zypper install fd [  OpenSUSE  ]  
$ sudo apk add fd [ systemie Alpine Linux  ] 

fd command help

fd -h
fd --help

fd - search for files with a specific extension

fd -e jpg
or when we want to search for files with a specific name and a specific extension
fd - e file extension
fd -e index php
The above command will search for all files with the name index and extension php

Searching for files in a specific directory

fd jpg CATALOG
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